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Mortgage Rate Calculator

Calculate your mortgage payments according to your borrowing capacity!

*These figures and calculations are for illustrative purposes only and may not be used for contractual purposes. Certain conditions apply. Subject to change without notice.

Multi-Prêts rate

Mortgage rates as of today

Multi-Prêt rate

Mortgage rates as of today

Multi-Prêt rate

Mortgage rates as of today

Multi-Prêt rate

Mortgage rates as of today

Multi-Prêt rate

Mortgage rates as of today

* Some conditions may apply. Subject to change without notice. Rates may vary depending on amount borrowed, collateral offered or other factors. Contact your Mortgage Broker at Yves St-Denis Mortgage Brokers for more information.

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Mortgage rate: variable or fixed?

The distinction between fixed and variable mortgage rates is whether the interest rate varies or remains constant during the loan’s term. Variable rates fluctuate with your lender’s prime rate, whereas fixed rates stay the same for the length of your loan (typically 5 years).

Rates for fixed mortgages:

Borrowers choose fixed mortgage rates because they are more predictable. In fact, in 2020, 5-year fixed mortgage rates will account for approximately 46% of all new mortgages. A fixed-rate mortgage protects you against interest rate swings, ensuring that your regular payments stay consistent throughout the term of your loan, regardless of market movements. If you have a low risk appetite, a fixed rate mortgage is the best option for you. You won’t have to worry about interest rates since you’ll know what your monthly payments will be right away.

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Mortgage rates that fluctuate:

Variable mortgage rates are usually less expensive than fixed mortgage rates. They may, however, change during the course of your loan. Market fluctuations (through the prime rate) impact the amount you pay on a variable mortgage, which affects the amount you pay. This implies that the amount of your payment may fluctuate over time. As fixed rates climb in 2022, the relatively cheaper variable rates have become more appealing, prompting more potential buyers to choose 5-year variable rate mortgages.

Variable rates are normally less expensive, but they are more volatile and might be regarded riskier than fixed rates. Variable mortgage rates, on the other hand, have a few significant advantages that you should be aware of:

As long as you continue with your original mortgage lender, you can change a variable rate to a fixed rate at any time without penalty.

Getting rid of a variable rate mortgage is far less expensive than getting rid of a fixed rate mortgage. Our mortgage penalty calculator will help you figure out how much it will cost to pay off your mortgage.

Over 90% of Canadian borrowers who had a variable rate mortgage throughout the term of their loan paid less interest than those who kept a fixed rate, according to a landmark research by York University professor Moshe Milevsky released in 2001.

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